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Omiš and Dalmatia boast excellent regional wines and food. They are served in a number of truly impressive local restaurants, including our top-quality restaurants Kaštil Slanica and Radmanove mlinice, operating in historical buildings placed in the fascinating landscape of the magnificent canyon of the River Cetina.

KAŠTIL SLANICA – specialties from the sea, river and hinterland

In the canyon of the Cetina, only 4 kilometers from Omiš and the seashore, there is a place that the famous Omiš pirates used as their hideout and safe haven during three centuries of the reign of the princely Kačić family. In the 16th century, a salt-trading station was built there, giving the place its name (slan – Croatian for “salty”).

Slanica Tower is now a protected historical landmark. Hosting a restaurant with a twenty-year tradition, it is a unique place where romance and gastronomy blend. Being part of the canyon’s long history, the restaurant is located in a perfect setting. This beautiful environment and the eventful past are reflected in the tastes of the food and wine it serves.

While the more adventurous gusts can enjoy snails, frogs, eel or trout from the Cetina or seafood – just like the Omiš pirates used to do – those inclined to more traditional tastes can savor dishes like bread and meat made under a baking lid and home-made desserts like fritule and rožata.

Awards and recognitions:

> The first member of the Culinary Heritage Europe network in Split-Dalmatia County

> “Simply the Best” Award for restaurants offering traditional food and wine in rural areas, 2016

> “Sunflower of Rural Tourism”, Silver Charter in Traditional Rural Gastronomy category, 2015

> 14 times on Gastronaut’s 100 Leading Restaurants chart

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“Only ten minutes away from the sea, Kaštil Slanica offers a true experience of Dalmatinan Hinterland. You will fall in love with the Cetina, kind local people and fantastic, fresh, traditional and excellent food – hearty recommendations.” 

Croatia 365 Gourmet

RADMANOVE MLINICE – a resort on a magical river

Although first mentioned two centuries earlier, on the spot where the Cetina rapids turn into a quiet stream, the mlinice (water-mill) thrived in the 19th century, when it was fully reconstructed by the Radman family. Radmanove mlinice has not changed much ever since – trout can still be seen in the pool and the pigeon coop, sundial on the gable and old plane-tree in the park are still there. No wonder that the spirit of the countryside of the days long gone can still be felt in the ambience that surrounds them.

Located in the heart of the Cetina canyon, 6 kilometers from Omiš on the coast, Radmanove mlinice is a popular resort, motel and restaurant where delicious traditional specialties such as dishes under the baking lid, grilled dishes, soparnik, bread from under the baking lid, trout, frogs and eel are freshly prepared before guests’ eyes. The magnificent nature in the canyon is a perfect setting for adventure lovers. Also available are sports grounds and a children’s playground next to the restaurant. On hot days you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the nearby beach or relaxing in the shade of the tall plane-trees surrounding the water-mill.

Awards and recognitions:

> “Simply the Best” Award for rural tourism resorts – for a high quality service and creative approach to the development of tourism in local community, 2015

The summer in Radmanove mlinice is a particularly attractive season, when the annual event of the same name takes place: you can enjoy the performance of folklore and harmony-singing groups and watch how soparnik – a traditional specialty – is made.

“If the friends I dined with at the Versailles joined me for some soparnik, bread from under the baking lid and a glass of red wine in Radmanove mlinice, they would be delighted”. 

Rene Bakalović / Tastes of Croatia

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