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There is a growing interest for the business-tourism potentials of the Split – Dalmatia region. Located against the backdrop of a beautiful scenery and combined with a wide range of cultural, sporting, entertainment and gastronomic attractions, numerous high-quality hotels and modern conference halls in the region are perfect for successful business events.

Business events are an excellent combination business and entertainment, were it presentations, talks with partners, meetings with potential investors or employee stimulations.

Although such events are somewhat relaxed, their quality is very important for a company’s image and success in attaining its goals. This contributes to the growing importance of business tourism in business sector.

Business tourism includes various components – from planning and finding suitable hotels and conference rooms to catering and logistics, transfers and tourist programs.

photo by B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH

Owing to its longtime experience, OMNIVIA can offer its clients diverse services while using its unique advantage of being a local agency with excellent knowledge of the region and numerous contacts in the community. 

OMNIVIA organizes business events of all formats and complexity levels:

> Meetings, negotiations or presentations

> Conferences, forums, congresses or symposiums

> Incentive trips, motivational programs

> Partner, employee and associate loyalty stimulations

> Exhibitions, business events.

When organizing business events, it is important to approach every company individually in order to meet its needs. However, what OMNIVIA offers to all of its clients is the following:

> Professionalism, reliability and responsibility

> Understanding and kindness

> High quality in every aspect of the service

> Saving clients’ time and budget

> Report on the services provided

> 24/7 support.

Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

OMNIVIA has organized a number of business events, including:

Culinary heritage study tour – Tracing the culinary heritage of Split-Dalmatia County, Split, October 2018

35th Seminar ˝Croatian Spring Pediatric School˝, Split, April 2018

SplitB2B, Special Interest Tourism Workshop, Split, October 2017

34th Seminar “Croatian Spring Pediatric School”, Split, April 2017

ERA-Net SG+ projects kickoff event and workshops – B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH, June 2016

33rd Seminar “Croatian Spring Pediatric School”, Split, April 2016

44th Symposium of Croatian Pediatric Neurology Society, Split, November 2015

32nd Seminar ” Croatian Spring Pediatric School”, Split, April 2015

OMNIVIA is a certified organizer of workshops and conventions of the Croatian Medical Association

photo by B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH

Every business event must be organized perfectly and to last detail. At the moment we are busy preparing:

SPLITB2B international special interest tourism conference and workshop

11 – 14 March 2019, Split

36th Seminar ˝Croatian Spring Pediatric School˝, Split, April 2019

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