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OMNIVIA provides first-class professional guidance in experiencing a wide variety of attractions that Omiš and Dalmatia as destinations can offer. Its team of local experts have extensive knowledge of the region and its specific qualities – an undeniable and special asset benefiting all types of clients.

Relying on the decade-long experience in tourism, OMNIVIA was founded in 2006 with a clear goal – to present to the world Omiš, Dalmatia and their rich blend of cuisine, natural attractions, cultural heritage and customs. Ever since, it has provided expert guidance and assistance in planning to the independant travelers, while also offering professional support on location to numerous similar agencies.

By organizing one-day and multi-day programs in beautiful sceneries based on immersion in the local community, OMNIVIA creates for its clients extraordinary experiences on one of the most attractive locations in the Mediterranean. Using our tailor-made programs, clients can fully realize their own vision of their travel, agencies can realize their own complete itineraries and companies can have business events that perfectly match their needs. OMNIVIA also owns two top-quality restaurants in Omiš, on attractive locations in the River Cetina canyon, offering traditional dishes guests can enjoy and local customs guests can experience and learn.

OMNIVIA has used the past ten years for continued growth and improvements. The members of its highly educated team constantly improve their skills in order to be able to present the destination they live and work in as authentically and as attractively as possible. As improvement of skills goes hand in hand with improvement of quality, the agency has obtained ISO 9001 and Travelife Partner certificates, indicating that its business operation meets international standards and principles of sustainability.

In 2016, these improvements led to a change of name and creation of a new visual identity that would better reflect the agency’s top-quality offer and high professionalism. The new brand, OMNIVIA, reflects the agency’s clear mission and vision: combining the Latin prefix omni and word via, meaning “every time” or “in every way”, the name communicates the agency’s multilayered destination offer. As for the logo, the symbols incorporated in it evoke the location and its assets:

“O” for perfection and wholeness, “M” reminding of mountains and the Cetina canyon, and “A” with a wave, symbolizing the river and sea. Also contributing to the identity are the playful patterns that, with their form and tone, communicate the distinguishing features of the place where the sea meets the river, where green meets blue and where past meets present.

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OMNIVIA programs are intended for both independent travelers and organized groups. They are designed to fit various interests, age and availability of time.

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Intended for organized groups

Business workshops,
presentations, team building

Protected by the
World Heritage Convention

Protected intangible
cultural heritage

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You’ll get an adrenaline rush

You’ll get your muscles working

You’ll be surrounded by nature

Customized for travelers
in their golden years

Appropriate for families

You will relish
authentic flavors

You will learn a new skill

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explore Dalmatia in every way