Central Dalmatia

With its breathtaking sceneries, world-renowned cultural heritage and warm-hearted, cheerful people, Central Dalmatia is an inspiring place full of emotions. No wonder they call it the heart of the Adriatic.

Central Dalmatia is an attractive and coveted world destination.

As its favorable position and natural resources – gentle climate, fertile soil and numerous sources of fresh water – have been long-recognized, people started inhabit it way back in Stone Age. Today, this little corner of the Earth abounds in architectural, artistic, cultural and gastronomical treasures arising from a specific blend of pristine nature and centuries-old history and tradition. Since local people gladly share what they have, guests can always count on a warm welcome. Sometimes they are so seduced by it that they decide to stay for good and become hosts.

Pleasant atmosphere

The gentle Mediterranean climate with Adriatic characteristics is typical of Central Dalmatia. It has hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Boasting an average of 2,700 sunny hours per year, this region ranks among the sunniest places in Europe, where you can enjoy the blessing of the sun even in mid-winter.

Adding to the year-round warm atmosphere is the evergreen Mediterranean vegetation, including fragrant plants like rosemary, lavender, immortelle, laurel…

Besides for the wild aromatic and medicinal herbs, the local climate is perfect for growing various fruits and vegetables, used by locals for their traditional dishes. The region is known for its healthy Mediterranean food, included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage.

The crystal clear sea water also contributes to the positive mood: it is rather warm – in summer it can reach up to 26ºC. The bathing season lasts from May to October. Still, you can find people bathe even in winter – especially on New Year.

The sea can gladden your heart and refresh your body throughout the year – regardless of whether you bathe in it or just enjoy the air permeated by it. As for the winds, maestral (a gently northwesterly landward breeze) is the one that usually brings refreshment in summer and bura (a distinctive Dalmatian wind that blows from the hinterland to the sea) is more common in winter.

Good connections

The region is well-connected with the rest of Croatia due to a modern four-lane highway and railway lines. Car/passenger ferries regularly operate between islands and the mainland. There is an international airport in Split. Other attractive destinations in the region can easily be reached because they are all relatively close: there are only 90km from Split to Šibenik, Skradin and Krka National Park, 200km to Zadar and Pelješac Peninsula, and 250kn to Plitvice Lakes and Dubrovnik. 

Arriving to Central Dalmatia is quite easy even in summer, in peak season. Leaving it, however, is often difficult… for emotional reasons.



As the biggest Dalmatian city, Split is an embodiment of the life in Dalmatia: the rhythm and energy of the Mediterranean mentality can be felt in the flagstone streets lined with cafés, restaurants and boutiques.



The view of the town of Omiš, nested at the entrance of the magnificent canyon of the River Cetina, is like a dramatic scene from some great film. No less amazing is its past, exciting stories of the Poljica and legends of Omiš pirates.



Dalmatian Hinterland and its scenic wonders and varied cultural heritage are a true uncut diamond. Discovering its treasures and beauties is a special and unforgettable experience. Enjoy beautiful views, clean air and pristine nature. 



Croatia is a land of thousand islands and 74 of them can be found in Central Dalmatia. The inhabited ones among them have been turned into real treasure troves of history, culture and tradition and exploring them is a true pleasure.

Top 10 destinations

While there is so much more to see in Central Dalmatia, the following is a must:

Visiting Split and its 1,700 years old Emperor Diocletian’s Palace (UNESCO)

Exploring historical town of Trogir (UNESCO)

Omiš, birthplace of klapa multipart singing (UNESCO) and home of Omiš pirates; impressive canyon entrance

Visiting remains of ancient Salona and remarkable Klis fortress

Visiting Blue and Red Lakes near Imotski

Swimming in Blue Grotto on island of Vis

Learning about history and skills of Alka of Sinj (UNESCO)

Enjoying pristine nature of magnificent Cetina River canyon

Visiting historical core of town of Hvar

Taking any one of numerous thematic hikes on Brač – Dalmatia’s largest island

Top 10 recommendations

OMNIVIA offers various programs for authentic experience of Central Dalmatia and its destinations. Regardless of how much time you have – a day or more – you can:

Taste top-quality Dalmatian wines

Enjoy excellent food of Dalmatian coast, islands and hinterland

Listen to a Dalmatian klapa, a capella multipart singing (UNESCO) of Dalmatian coast, islands and hinterland

Take adventurous ride down River Cetina

Learn about glory and traditions of Republic of Poljica and its magistrates

Meet pirates in their old hideout on River Cetina

Pick olives and taste olive oil

Bake traditional bread or make soparnik

Explore sceneries and heritage of Dalmatian Hinterland

Feel charm of Central Dalmatian islands

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