Wine workshop “The Story of Zinfandel”

Exciting story about Dalmatian origin of zinfandel, the most popular wine variety in America. Tasting of top-quality wines of same vintage but from various winemakers, with sommelier guidance. Learning about wine tasting and selection.

While the world of wines is not generally known as a place of big adventures, the story of the discovery of the origin of zinfandel is so exciting that it could be made into a good film. And here is the “spoiler” for this hypothetical film: after years of research and DNA-testing of wine grapes all over the world, it was established that zinfandel is actually the native Croatian tribidrag variety, known as long as since the 15th century.

The rest of the story – how it all began, what is the connection between American zinfandel, Omiš pribidrag, Kaštela crljenak and Dalmatian tribidrag – you can find out by attending this workshop. You will also have an opportunity to taste various top-quality wines made from the grapes of the same origin.

You will then realize why zinfandel has such an iconic status in America that many of its fans want to visit its faraway native region Dalmatia.

The workshop lasts about 2.5 hours. The program includes:

• Learning about the origin of zinfandel variety

• Tasting wines (same vintage, different winemakers), with sommelier guidance

• Learning how to select a wine

• A snack, lunch or dinner in Kaštil Slanica restaurant can also be included in the program


The excursion can be arranged for groups of 2 to 100 persons. |  Expert guided tours in Croatian and English are available (also in other languages, at request). |  The workshop is suitable for persons above 18 years of age. |   All the above elements of the program are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the program.

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