Wine workshop “Dalmatia’s Lost Varieties”

Search for Dalmatia’s lost wine varieties. Presentation and tasting of wines made from native grape varieties, cultivated in Dalmatian vineyards for centuries. Learning about wine tasting and selection.

Given the fact that the most valuable grape varieties are the native ones, Dalmatia is one of the richest repositories of wine varieties. Here you can find perhaps one hundred ancient varieties that, after centuries of cultivation on the same location, acquired some distinguishing features that cannot be reproduced – true riches in grapevines.

However, some of the old varieties have almost been erased from memory over time. Fortunately, there is a growing number of winemakers who choose to revive these valuable lost varieties and thus reclaim them from obscurity.

This job is far from easy. As reclaiming even a single lost variety requires lots of efforts and persistence, only the most experienced professionals and true wine lovers embark on it. By attending this workshop, you will discover their world – the world of lost varieties.

The workshop lasts about 2.5 hours. The program includes:

• Presentation of Dalmatia as a wine region

• Learning about traditional Dalmatian wine varieties

• Tasting five wine varieties, guided by a sommelier

• Learning how to select a wine


The excursion can be arranged for groups of 2 to 100 persons. | The workshop is suitable for persons above 18 years of age. | Expert guided tours in Croatian and English are available (also in other languages, at request). | All the above elements of the program are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the program.

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