OMNIVIA | White Gold – Following Dalmatian Salt Trails
OMNIVIA provides first-class professional guidance in experiencing a wide variety of attractions that Omiš and Dalmatia as destinations can offer. Its team of local experts have extensive knowledge of the region and its specific qualities – an undeniable and special asset benefiting all types of clients.
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White Gold – Following Dalmatian Salt Trails

Following salt trails while discovering Croatian saltworks and their specific surroundings. Enjoying local specialties with salt as their important ingredient. Tasting wines enriched by local salty climate.

Source: archive Solana Ston

Salt and saltworks have had a major influence on the development of Croatia’s economy throughout history, making the country one of the centers of salt trade of the region. The saltworks in Nin, Pag and Ston still produce salt in a traditional, natural and environmentally-friendly way, using the synergy of Adriatic Sea, Dalmatian sun and wind and the hard work of local people. No wonder then that the result is the relaxing and healing top-quality salt of a specific taste.

Salt production Ston
Source: archive Solana Ston

Spice up your life with an unforgettable experience! Visit the salt trails of Dalmatia and discover the secrets of “white gold”. Learn the centuries-old way of producing salt in saltworks and give it a try yourself. Taste the local specialties and wines defined by the distinctive flavor coming from the salt of the earth and air. Visit Slanica, a former salt trade station, and visit also the Museum of Salt.


This 8-day arrangement includes the following activities:

Day 1: Arrival to Dubrovnik

Day 2: Sightseeing of Dubrovnik (UNESCO)

Day 3: Trip to Ston; taking part in salt production or saltworks tour (depending of season); tasting local specialties; visiting oyster farm

Day 4: Arrival to Split (UNESCO); visit to Diocletian’s Palace; tasting local specialties and olive oils

Day 5: Trip to Omiš; boat ride through River Cetina canyon (a nature reserve); visit to Kaštil Slanica – 16th-century salt trade station and present-day cultural monument and top-quality restaurant; lunch based on specialties from the sea, river and hinterland

Day 6: Visit to Krka National Park; arrival to Zadar; sightseeing and visit to Museum of Ancient Glass

Day 7: Trip to Nin; visit to Museum of Salt and expert-guided saltworks tour; tasting of Nin salt products

Day 8: Departure

You will visit:  DUBROVNIK  ·  SPLIT  ·  OMIŠ  ·  STON  ·  NIN  ·  NP KRKA  ·  ZADAR

The arrangement is available throughout the year for groups of 2-150 persons.  Hotel or private accommodation (3*, 4* or 5*).  The agency can organize the transport.  Expert guided tours in English available (also in other languages, at request).  All the above elements of the program are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the program.

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