I cook and enjoy myself – Mediterranean cuisine

Culinary workshops of Mediterranean cuisine (UNESCO) led by a top chef. Tour of family estates and farms, with the opportunity to get to know the local cultural and gastronomic heritage.

We have a great recipe for you! It is based on Mediterranean cuisine and you will only need two ingredients — goodwill and our contact. Here are the instructions:

Come to Omiš, a charming town in the heart of Dalmatia. Settle into a beautiful villa and begin experiencing the location by tasting local products from the surrounding area. Let your first impressions subside overnight. The next day, get acquainted with the basics of the Mediterranean diet, which is so special that it is included to the UNESCO list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Spend the third day in Klis, a unique place where you will experience the traditional way of life on Dalmatian soil with all your senses. The day after, rested and inspired, embark on the preparation of an authentic Dalmatian dish from local ingredients. Then visit the museum and the lookout. Dedicate the whole fifth day to an important part of the Mediterranean cuisine — wine. Visit several Dalmatian family wineries, discover and try domestic wines that mature in their cellars and learn which dishes they pair with. Sleep over. The next morning, head to Split, the center of Dalmatia whose sights, old stone streets, the whole atmosphere, and many great restaurants and bars will fill you with the pristine spirit of the Mediterranean. On the last day, complete the whole experience by preparing a traditional Mediterranean meal..

If you follow these instructions correctly, we are sure that by the end you will get a complete insight into the Mediterranean way of thinking: life and good food are meant to be enjoyed!

This 8-day arrangement includes the following activities:


Day 1: Arrival in Omiš, accommodation in a villa, a basket of local welcome products

Day 2: Culinary workshop of Mediterranean cuisine under the mentorship of a top chef

Day 3: Excursion to Klis – visit to the company Stella Croatica, their production of candied almonds and the botanical garden, tour of the Museum of Olive Oil, visit to the Klis Fortress

Day 4: Culinary workshop of Mediterranean cuisine, preparation of soparnik in OPG Gata, visit to the Museum of the Republic of Poljica and the lookout

Day 5: Getting to know the autochthonous wine varieties (Imotski vineyards, Vrgorac, Komarna), visit to family wineries, education on pairing wine with dishes

Day 6: Excursion to Split, city tour, lunch

Day 7: Culinary workshop of Mediterranean cuisine under the mentorship of a top chef, awarding of diplomas

Day 8: Departure


The programme is available throughout the year for groups of 2-50 persons. | Hotel or private accommodation (3*, 4* or 5*). | The agency can organize the transport. | Expert guided tours in English available (also in other languages, at request). | All the above elements of the programme are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the programme.

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