OMNIVIA | Hiking through River Cetina Canyon
OMNIVIA provides first-class professional guidance in experiencing a wide variety of attractions that Omiš and Dalmatia as destinations can offer. Its team of local experts have extensive knowledge of the region and its specific qualities – an undeniable and special asset benefiting all types of clients.
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Hiking through River Cetina Canyon

Hiking through magnificent scenery of River Cetina canyon. Seeing numerous endemic plants and several protected animal species. Great view of Ilinac – highest waterfall in Croatia (130m).


It is said that our well-being depends on the benefits we receive from nature. Nature is an ever-reliable stimulus of our mental and physical health as it improves our memory, restores our energy, relives us from stress, boosts our immunity and creativity, sharpens our thinking and increases the quality of our life in general. This is why doctors always recommend spending time outdoors – and what better outdoors can one imagine than the pristine nature of the River Cetina canyon!

This hiking trip offers a true return to flora and fauna, the diversity of which is one of the distinguishing features of the Cetina canyon. Soon after setting out on the hike, you will find herbs like immortelle, heather, sage, wild thyme and St. John’s wort. Explore a bit more and you will find not less than a dozen endemic plants. This area is also home to numerous animal species, some of which are protected. A few endemic fish species can be seen in the Cetina and Dalmatian wall lizards, marsh frogs, bald coots and wild ducks can be seen along its banks. The local forests are the abode of foxes, hares, stone martens, badgers and even wild boars.


An outing into the Cetina canyon is also a quest for motivation, connecting with something larger than ourselves… for instance, like the impressive, 130m high Ilinac Waterfall.


The excursion takes around 3 to 4 hours. The program includes:

  • Transfer from Omiš to the trail’s starting point
  • Tour of the Cetina canyon, from the village of Zakučac to the village of Ostrvica and back
  • Expert guidance (professional guides with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service first aid certificates)
  • High-quality photos and videos from the hiking
  • A traditional lunch – local specialties in Radmanove mlinice or Kaštil Slanica restaurants – can be included in the program
You will visit:  OMIŠ  ·  CETINA CANYON

The excursion can be arranged for groups of 2 to 40 persons.  The excursion is suitable for all age groups (children and minors must be accompanied by parents or other responsible adults).  Insurance is included in the price.  Expert guided tours in Croatian and English are available (also in other languages, at request).  All the above elements of the program are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the program.

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