Free climbing in Omiš

Adrenalin-filled adventurous activity at easy-to-access location Planovo. Routes of various difficulty levels, for beginners and experienced climbers. Great views of mouth of River Cetina, town of Omiš and magnificent rocks towering above it.

The very first glance at Omiš and the steep barren cliffs towering above will make you realize why free climbing is one of the most popular sports in Omiš. But don’t let the imposing sight of the rocks deceive you – climbing in Omiš is not for professionals only.

Being well-indented, the rocks in the town’s immediate surroundings offer numerous routes for climbers of all categories, from beginners to experienced climbers. For those who have never before tried to climb a rock using only their own strength and skills, experienced climbing instructors are here to help and show them the best techniques. As for experienced climbers, they can choose among numerous routes of various difficulty levels, including the most demanding ones of over 300m of length.

Planovo is a popular meeting place of all Omiš climbers. The uniquely oriented rocks face all four points of the compass, which means they can be climbed at any time of day, in winter sun or in summer shade, when most of the other rocks in Dalmatia feel like hot ovens. In short, waste no time and come as soon as possible.


The trip takes around 3 hours (depending on one’s fitness). The program includes:

• Instructions and supervision by a free-climbing instructor (a professional guide certified by
Croatian Mountaineering Association, with a speleology certificate, Croatian Mountain Rescue        Service first aid certificate and “Rescue 3 International” certificate)

• Highest-quality equipment: climbing shoes, harnesses and helmets

• An energy drink and chocolate bar for regaining strength

• A traditional lunch – local specialties in Radmanove mlinice or Kaštil Slanica restaurants – can be included in the program

The excursion can be arranged for groups of 2 to 40 persons. | The excursion is suitable for all age groups (children and minors must be accompanied by parents or other responsible adults). |Sports clothing and sports footwear are recommended, together with a camera and water. | Insurance is included in the price. | Expert guided tours in Croatian and English are available (also in other languages, at request). | All the above elements of the program are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the program.

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