Culinary workshop: making soparnik

Learning how to make soparnik – traditional specialty of Poljica – under expert mentorship and in authentic setting. Learning about local culinary heritage. Active participation in making soparnik and tasting at the end.

Centuries ago, the autonomous and democratic Republic of Poljica stretched between the rivers Cetina and Žrnovnica. Being fond of good life, its people used everything that nature had to offer. Soparnik, too, is made of several original groceries found in local vegetable patches. It is prepared on an open hearth that every household used to have. At first prepared on church holidays only, over time it became a tradition and a true heritage of the region. The Poljica soparnik is now included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of Croatia, with a protected geographical indication.

The culinary workshop takes place in an authentic setting. Soparnik is prepared by a professional cook and the participants learn about its origin and details of its preparation, including lazanjur and sinija. The more competitive participants can compare their skills in rolling out the dough, while others can spice up the filling. The workshop ends with tasting of the freshly made soparnik with local wine or schnapps. Every guest gets the recipe for the dish so that they can share the tradition with others back home.

The workshop takes around 2 hours. The program includes:

• Preparing soparnik by an expert

• Learning about the tradition and history of the Poljica soparnik

• Tasting of soparnik with local wine or schnapps

• Recipe for soparnik

• A traditional lunch – local specialties in Radmanove mlinice or Kaštil Slanica restaurants – can be included in the program

The program is organized throughout the year, in morning or afternoon hours. | A minimum of 2 persons is required for the workshop. | The workshop is suitable for all age groups (children and minors must be accompanied by parents or other responsible adults). | Expert guided tours in Croatian and English are available (also in other languages, at request). | All the above elements of the program are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the program.

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