A day with an Omiš pirate

Visit to medieval fortress Mirabela and encounter with Omiš pirate. Scenic motorboat ride up River Cetina canyon. Pirate banquet in restaurant Kaštil Slanica, local specialties once enjoyed by Omiš pirates.

While sightseeing Omiš, a unique town on the mouth of the River Cetina, you will soon get the feeling that the famous pirate tradition and history still live in its streets. While enjoying the view from the pirate fortress Mirabela, towering above the town as its protector, you will get an impression you are in some other period, centuries away from the present.

And then, all of a sudden, it will not be just an impression any more. You will indeed be captured by a pirate. Have no fear, though – the Omiš pirates are famously good-natured. With a few ducats and some good words about their favorite town, you can buy your freedom and stay in the town as long as you please. Better still, the sociable pirate will take you for a scenic ride up the River Cetina and to an unforgettable banquet in restaurant Kaštil Slanica, where you will be able to taste the specialties enjoyed by the famous Omiš pirates centuries ago.


The excursion takes around 3 hours. The program includes:


• A licensed guide

• Entertainment by a costumed pirate

• Visit to Mirabela Fortress

• Scenic motorboat ride up River Cetina canyon (private ride also possible)

• Traditional lunch in restaurant Kaštil Slanica (local specialties; three courses)

The excursion can be arranged for groups of 2 to 100 persons. | The excursion is suitable for all age groups (children and minors must be accompanied by parents or other responsible adults). | Expert guided tours in Croatian and English are available (also in other languages, at request). | All the above elements of the program are optional; kindly contact us for the final version of the program.

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