Nomen est omen

Nomen est omen

Agency’s New Identity

In late 2016, after ten years of a continued growth and development, we were ready for a change of name and a new visual identity of our agency – the one that would truly reflect our top-quality offer and our professionalism.

The new brand OMNIVIA, designed and shaped by the team from Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić, reflects the clear mission and vision of our company. A conjunction of the Latin prefix omni and word via, meaning “every time” or “in every way”, the name communicates the agency’s multilayered destination offer. The symbols incorporated in the company logo and monogram evoke the agency’s location and its assets: “O“ suggesting perfection and wholeness, “M“ reminding of the mountains and Cetina canyon and “A“ with a wave symbolizing the river and sea.

Also contributing to the identity are the playful patterns that, with their form and tone, communicate the distinguishing features of the place where the sea meets the river, where green meets blue and where past meets present.

Only natural materials and techniques, such as eco-paper or sewn binding, are used for business and promo materials. This blend of modern with natural and traditional represents the OMNIVIA team of experts who, with their thorough insight into the region, can offer to the clients’ authentic experience, depending on their wishes and needs.

The choice and treatment of photographs, often combining two opposite motifs, communicate a message of diversity of the experiences that OMNIVIA offers as part of its one-day or multi-day programs.

You can find out more about OMNIVA rebranding presentation at Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić page.