Epidemiological measures

Epidemiological measures

OMNIVIA and #stayresponsible

Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. However, owing to the quality public health care system and high epidemiological standards, Croatia has one of the best epidemiological situations in the EU and the country is perceived as the safest and nearest Mediterranean holiday spot.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners remain our top priority.  Therefore, during the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to respond adequately to the situation by adjusting our business operations in accordance with the recommendations and instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, i.e. introducing the following preventive measures:

  1. Before the start of each programme, an agency employee or a tour guide will inform the guests about the measures implemented before, during and after the provision of the service.
  2. Monitoring the health status of persons interacting with guests (agency employees, tour guides, skippers etc.) is carried out by measuring body temperature on a daily basis. If the body temperature is over 37.2 °C and if the person feels sick or shows signs of the disease (including all symptoms and signs of the disease, not just the symptoms of respiratory diseases), they should contact their supervisor i.e. Tourist Agency OMNIVIA and not come to work until they contact the competent family physician by phone or the emergency medical unit in case of life-threatening situation or if their health is seriously impaired.
  1. In interaction with guests, it is necessary to keep a physical distance of 1.5 m.
  2. Close contact during the provision of service should be limited. Avoid shaking hands at arrival and departure of guests.
  3. Rest areas have to be large enough to provide for social distancing.
  4. The hand sanitizer is available at the office of the Tourist Agency OMNIVIA.
  5. Before and after each group of clients, a complete disinfection of all means of transport, equipment and tools (helmets, life jackets, wet suits etc.), tables in hospitality facilities and other surfaces is carried out. The surfaces are disinfected and cleaned with an alcohol-based disinfectant (min 70 %).
  6. Each day trip programme can be carried out for more persons who belong to the same family or the same group. Programmes for individuals who are not members of the same group should only be implemented if the social distancing measure of 1 m between the clients can be achieved. This rule shall be applied until the social distance measure is either reduced or annulled by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Further to the above, the agency shall also implement the recommendations and instructions issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health which are in force on the day of the provision of the service.

All OMNIVIA programmes are adapted and tailored to the needs of our clients.