Culinary Heritage Study Tour

Culinary Heritage Study Tour

OMNIVIA organizes first Culinary Heritage Study Tour

In the past years, having recognized the importance of rich local culture for Croatian tourism, OMNIVIA Agency has been systematically developing its special programs for people with specific taste, focusing primarily on food & wine tourism. This is why we were particularly proud and happy to organize the first Culinary Heritage Europe Study Tour through Split-Dalmatia County.

The participants of the study tour came from six countries. Back at home, all of them are also active as coordinators of their respective culinary heritages or owners of Culinary Heritage label. By visiting authentic places labeled as Culinary Heritage, they had an opportunity to learn about the autochthonous dishes and traditions of Central Dalmatia, its hinterland and its islands. During three inspiring days they had an opportunity to taste bread made under a baking lid, smoked pork ham, goat cheese, anchovies, olive oil, hrapoćuša, lamb on spit, cooked rooster with polenta, meat under a baking lid, soparnik, black risotto, eel brodetto, batter-fried frogs’ legs, wines and many other autochthonous Croatian products and dishes.

After exploring the tastes and smells of this county of rich gastronomy, the visitors highlighted authenticity, laid-back quality and a low level of commercialization as the advantages of Croatian tourism. “The sun and beaches are similar or the same as those in Spain and Turkey, but only here was I served frog’s legs and black risotto, and this is what makes you different,” said Niclas Fjellström, coordinator of Culinary Heritage Network for the whole Europe.

˝Back home from Croatia with Culinary Heritage Oslofjord, Culinary Heritage Agder Telemark and Culinary Heritage Europe. An experience for life. We have eaten and seen the best of what Croatia and Split Dalmatia can offer. Fantastic hosts, nice people, great food and great weather. In other words, an incredible trip. We have visited cozy and authentic villages, picked olives, seen great scenery, made new friends and had a lot of good food. Culture Heritage is a part of Europe’s largest local food network Culinary Heritage Europe. We are in 15 countries with over 1500 members with a the same logo inn all countries.˝ Mats Olsen, Coordinator and License holder Culinary Heritage Oslofjord- Norway

At the moment, Split-Dalmatia County is the only Croatian region included in this European project. We hope that other counties will soon follow suit and confirm Croatia’s status as a recognized culinary and wine destination.